MindRise offers instruction in all STAAR tested grades and subjects

Math: 3rd-8th and Algebra

Reading: 3rd-8th, ELA I, and ELA II

Writing: 4th, 7th, ELA I, and ELA II

Science: 5th, 8th, and Biology

Social Studies: 8th and US History


MindRise Math and Algebra instructors teach for conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and substantive problem-solving capabilities. After referencing prior knowledge, each new skill is introduced using a step-by-step approach to ensure mathematical and process clarity. So students are then asked to apply their new knowledge to real-world situations through higher-order thinking questions. Using group discussions to highlight thinking processes and answer choice rationale, students gain deeper mathematical understanding of these challenging concepts.


MindRise Reading and ELA instructors teach for active understanding of text content while spiraling in fluency and vocabulary. As they read, students make connections, ask questions, generate inferences, and draw conclusions, all of which generates a deeper understanding  and prepares them for comprehension success. Instruction includes thorough coverage and critical analysis of essential comprehension components (such as inference, conclusion, summarization, main idea, author's purpose, and more) in fiction, informational texts, poetry, drama, and argumentive selections. 


MindRise Writing and ELA instructors engage students in creative thought and application, as well as developing their understanding of standard grammar rules and essential editing strategies. By individually leading each student in his/her development of ideas, organization of thoughts, and expression of creativity, MindRise instructors inspire increased interest and effort in the writing process. Through productive brainstorming sessions and guided rough draft edits, students develop and refine their compositions, leading to cohesive and thoughtful final drafts. 


MindRise Science and Biology instructors create an environment for scientific inquiry, keeping students active, engaged, and reflective. To ensure active participation and thorough understanding, students are asked to think critically about science concepts, including making predictions, interpreting data, drawing conclusions, and citing evidence for support. With an emphasis on science vocabulary, students create diagrams, develop analogies, and make connections to develop a deep understanding of concepts and phrasing. Groups engage in scientific discussions to develop deeper understanding.  

Social Studies

MindRise Social Studies and US History instructors draw students into the excitement of history through a variety of techniques, including connecting history to current events, posing provoking inquiries, telling the human story behind events, encouraging discussions and debates, and tapping into student creativity. Using timelines, graphs, charts, maps, and images, instructors show connections and relativity to allow students to visualize events and concepts. Lessons focus on historical facts, cause and effect, main ideas, analysis, sequencing, and summarizing.  

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