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MindRise delivers high-impact, customized instruction to deepen TEKS understanding and improve STAAR results through 3 specialized programs

MindRise OnLine

Accessible from home or school, MindRise OnLine uses our highly engaging, innovative learning platform with live tutors and interactive tools, collaborative workspace, and shared-screen technology for face-to-face small group (5:1) instruction. Using highly skilled instructors and research-based curriculum with authentic STAAR practice, MindRise students make decidedly impressive gains, moving up performance levels at a substantially higher rate than other students. While the state average performance level gains hover around 2 to 3 percent, MindRise students show up to 65 percent performance level gains. That’s a game-changing 25 times higher than the norm.

MindRise OnDemand

Accessible from home or school, the Algebra MindRise OnDemand online video program is accessible throughout the school year. Each TEK is taught in 1 to 3 videos and each video is identified by the specific TEK/SE covered, so teachers can assign lessons with ease. Concepts are taught in an engaging, step-by-step process with the instructor on screen to create a personalized feel and connection. In addition to explicit instruction of  concepts, each video includes student practice and review. Teachers can use these videos as a review for students who need extra support, for students returning from an absence, for instruction when subs are present, and more.

Accessible from home, MindRise OnCall programs offer virtual learners the immediate, one-on-one assistance essential for staying engaged and motivated from afar. Expert MindRise instructors in all grades and subject areas stand ready to explain concepts, answer questions, and review skills at any time throughout the school day. Students have the option to pre-schedule OnCall sessions or to jump in at the moment they need assistance. MindRise OnCall uses our highly engaging, innovative live learning platform with interactive tools, collaborative workspace, and shared-screen technology for face-to-face instruction. With support from MindRise instructors, students gain a better understanding of concepts and the confidence to complete assignments. 

MindRise OnCall