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The MindRise team is proud of our successful high-impact tutoring programs delivered throughout the past decade to thousands of students on dozens of campuses across Texas. 






MindRise student

The MindRise instructors keep us active and participating and asking a lot of questions. The instructors helped me to understand things that I didn't get in class. I was really nervous about STAAR but now I'm not because I know I'll do great. We should have tutoring more often. I really hope they come back every year!

- Kevin B.

"MindRise makes me think more, makes me have ideas that can be useful for figuring out answers and this is actually helping me way more than I ever thought it could."

- Lucia P.

"I think MindRise is cool. I think it’s something every student should experience. It’s been helpful because we get to really talk through what we read, so it helps me think about each sentence and how it relates to the whole story."

- Fidel K.

"Reading is sooo much better now. Before I hated reading because it was so boring. Now it's fun because I get it and the MindRise tutor always wants to know our thoughts about what we read. It's like she really cares about what I'm thinking. I even got some books from the library and am reading them at home! I never thought I would like reading but now I do."

- Karla D.

"I don't really like math, but I really like the MindRise class because my tutor really cares about me and teaches me where I really get it and it’s helping me get way better grades."

- Jose J.

"I think MindRise is a good way for kids to learn because the tutors focus on hard work and dedication. It’s been helpful to me in learning new math strategies so I get more answers right. They explain things in a way I really get. Why do other teachers make this seem so hard?"

- Alexis Q.

"I'm using what I learned with MindRise in my math class. My tutor explains the steps in an easy way that makes everything make sense. I used to be so frustrated but now math is actually kind of fun. Thank you!"

- Precious R.

"MindRise has helped me really think through the passages I read. I used to tune out when I read stories but now I really pay attention."

- Malik R.

"MindRise tutoring is awesome! I love my tutor. He really cares about us and always explains things in a fun way that makes me want to pay attention. I end up learning something every day. My regular math teacher is really happy with how much better I'm doing in her class now."

- Brice H.

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