At MindRise, we are all about outstanding programs,

so our tutoring takes place during the school day

Our Impact

Here’s why...


Maximum Student Attention and Effort

School day programs: 

Students are in a learning state of mind during the school day. Tutoring during this time assures that their attention and effort is at the maximum potential. This kind of student buy-in creates an environment ripe for learning during tutoring. 

After school programs: 

For those students who actually stay for after school tutoring, they are tired from a long day and are hyper aware that some of their peers and/or siblings are at home having fun. They struggle with concentration and effort, causing far less productivity.

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Excellent Student Attendance

School day programs: 

Because students are on campus, school day programs maintain excellent student attendance. With students attending all or most sessions, they reap the most benefits from the extra support. 

After school programs: 

No matter what protocols are in place, attendance is historically low in after school programs. Not only do kids slip through the cracks to leave early, parents often pick their children up early. 

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Well Spent Time and Money 

School day programs: 

With consistent attendance and stronger effort, MindRise tutoring makes an exceptional impact on learning and achievement with students showing significantly greater gains in their understanding, confidence, and STAAR performance. 

After school programs: 

Poor attendance and reduced effort leads to far smaller gains in student performance. Substandard outcomes inevitably lead to faculty and student disappointment in the funding and time they have invested.

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Bottom Line

MindRise is committed to providing programs that make a big impact on student achievement.

We know full school day programs do just that. 

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For significant discounts, stagger your intervention blocks on your campus or within your district

Stagger intervention blocks so students are spread evenly throughout the school day.

Staggering can be accomplished within one campus

-- or --

across a district with each campus intervention block scheduled during a different time block

For instance: 

8:00-9:00 > 250 students
9:00-10:00 > 250 students
10:00-11:00 > 250 students

Creating New Master Schedules

We are expert schedule developers!

We would be happy to help create new options for your master class schedule 

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