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Our Team

The MindRise Team

Throughout our programs, the connection established between all of the constituents – MindRise Instructors, Academic Coaches, and Directors, along with campus teachers and administration – creates a strong team atmosphere, where everyone is working seamlessly for the success of the students.

MindRise Instructors

MindRise Instructors are college degreed educators who are dedicated to meeting the goals of our programs and the success of each student. Their focus is to ensure that each day is filled with rich academic advancement, meaningful relationship building, and continued confidence development. By investing in each student's educational and personal growth, MindRise instructors create an environment of genuine support and trust, which provides the necessary foundation for solid academic growth. All of our instructors bring strong content acumen, engaging instruction delivery, talent for connecting with students, and genuine passion for student progress. 

MindRise Academic Coaches

MindRise Academic Coaches are at the helm of each program, making certain our programs are of  absolute exceptional quality and are completely turn-key. MindRise Academic Coaches are highly qualified educators with superior communication, organization, and leadership skills. Our Coaches expertly cultivate positive learning environments with rigorous instruction delivery and alignment to campus targets. By carefully coordinating MindRise services with campus goals, the Academic Coach creates a seamless instructional approach which integrates classroom instruction with instructional sessions and establishes consistent expectations across all learning environments. 

MindRise CEO/Owner

Born and raised in Texas, Donna Drake, M.Ed., has directed hundreds of school-day programs for thousands of students on over 50 campuses. Having worked in education for over 20 years, she brings the experience of being a teacher and administrator in Texas Title I schools. Throughout her career, she has maintained a primary focus on the success of at-risk students, working passionately to prepare them for the brightest of futures.