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Highly Skilled Instructors

Educator talent search and recruitment (OL, OD, OC)

Multi-step interviews with content testing & sample lessons (OL, OD, OC)

Hiring including orientation and paperwork (OL, OD, OC)

Fingerprinting & background checks via FACT Clearinghouse (OL, OD, OC)

In-depth teaching and mentoring training (OL, OD, OC)

Expert Program Management

Full-scale program management (OL, OC)

Leadership in rigorous instruction delivery (OL, OD, OC)

Oversight of positive behavior support strategies (OL, OC)

Continuous professional development delivery (OL, OD, OC)

Ongoing instructor evaluations and feedback (OL, OD, OC)

Continuous Campus Communication

Regular conferences with administration (OL, OC)

Scope and Sequence Correlation (OL, OD)

Real-time grade book and attendance sharing (OL, OD, OC)

Individual & group progress TEKS/SE updates (OL, OD, OC)

Monthly progress summaries (OL, OD)

Dynamic Curriculum and Resources

Proven and effective curriculum (OL, OD)

Essential supplies (OL)

Online manipulatives (OL, OD, OC)

Effort based incentive program (OL)

Deployment of substitute instructors (OL, OC)

Full-Scale Administrative Services

Payroll processing (OL, OD, OC)

Payroll taxes (OL, OD, OC)

Workers compensation (OL, OD, OC)

Unemployment benefits (OL, OD, OC)

W2 filings (OL, OD, OC)

OL =MindRise OnLine
OD = MindRise OnDemand
OC = MindRise OnCall