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MindRise delivers high-impact, customized instruction to
deepen TEKS understanding and improve STAAR results

High-Impact Tutoring


Highly engaging, innovative online learning platform

Shared screen technology for face-to-face instruction

Collaborative workspace and interactive tools for in-person feel


Highly skilled, well trained, degreed professionals

Dynamic relationship builders

Receive expert oversight from our instructional coaches


Curriculum is research-based and TEKS aligned

Diagnostic and formative assessments guide instruction

Scope and sequence alignment with classroom instruction

Student progress data shared on a daily basis


Delivered through our engaging online learning platform

Student groups include 1 to 5 students per group

Students attend 30 to 90 minute sessions each day

Tutoring sessions embedded within the school day


Progress data shared daily, including grades, TEKS, and attendance

Students gain skills and confidence as shown in class and on STAAR

Students grow 10 to 25 times more on STAAR than state average

Algebra Interactive

Algebra I program at your fingertips!

Engaging, interactive video program

Lesson access for all campus students and teachers

All Algebra TEKS covered with 1-4 lessons per TEK

Interactive lessons with embedded process and application practice

Easy to follow, step-by-step instruction with on-screen tutor

Immediate feedback to students on practice items

Grades and performance data provided to teachers in real time

Teachers love Algebra Interactive for...

Frontloading knowledge 

Supplementing during instruction

Checking for understanding 

Reviewing before tests

Catching up after absences

Supporting substitute teachers’ instruction