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2020-2021 School Year

MindRise programs benefit both virtual and on-campus learners

so no matter where your students are or how often they transition between home and campus, they will have a seamless experience with MindRise instruction. 

What We Do...


MindRise delivers high-impact instruction using three specialized online programs: MindRise OnLine, MindRise OnDemand, and MindRise OnCall. Students work with live tutors in rigorous, small group sessions throughout the school day in programs that are both research based and proven to be effective.  We work with students of all levels to both accelerate their understanding of the TEKS and maximize their success on STAAR.

Why We Do....




We are passionate about helping students reach their full academic and personal potential. 

Every child deserves success, and we want to support your campus in ensuring your students achieve it.  


The MindRise team has decades of experience in educating students.

Our highly effective programs have substantially advanced understanding, performance, and confidence for many thousands of students.

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MindRise Serves All Texas School Districts

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